18V 2,5Ah Power X-Change

Numéro d'article:4511516EAN: 4006825650518
  • Universal usability for all Power X-Change rechargeable devices:
  • Saving money, protecting the environment, and flexibility
  • The ABS process-controlled battery management system stands for
  • max. safety, optimum performance, operating time + lifetime
  • Freedom of cordless operation: No tangled cables and free working
  • High-quality Li-Ion cells means no memory effect,
  • low self-discharge and high, constant power
  • Current charge level indicated by 3-stage LED display
  • Trough handle for easy removal
  • Housing protected against dust, corrosion and mechanical damage
  • Suitable for TWIN-PACK use in power demanding 36V applications
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Description de l'article

he Einhell 18V 2,5 Ah Power X-Change Battery is a member of the multifunctional and completely interchangeable Power X-Change rechargeable battery system from Einhell. The Power X-Change rechargeable batteries can be used universally for supplying power and endurance to every cordless tool from the entire garden and workshop product family. The advantages to the customer are obvious: A single rechargeable battery and a single charger for all tools not only saves significant costs of buying, universal use also helps protect the environment and provides flexibility in the home and garden too. It also eliminates the untidiness and chaos of having different rechargeable batteries and chargers for each separate tool. The high-quality rechargeable battery resists the memory effect and the self-discharging normally associated with batteries, to deliver constant high power. The 18V 2,5 Ah Power X-Change Battery is the ideal basic rechargeable battery from the Power X-Change family and is also suitable for TWIN-PACK use for 36 V applications. The ABS process-controlled active battery management system has a microprocessor for permanently monitoring the battery parameters. It therefore ensures maximum safety, optimum tool performance, maximum operating time and a maximum service life. The current charge level can be checked on a 3-step LED display. The housing is designed to be resistant to dust, corrosion and mechanical influences. There is a trough handle to enable the battery to be removed from each tool with ease.

Détails techniques

Tension continue18 V
Capacité de la batterie2.5 Ah
Puissance max.720 W
Nombre de batteries1 Pieces
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