With the angle grinders from Einhell you can easily cut even the hardest materials, such as metaliron and stone. Sanding, cutting or roughing – everything is possible with this electric tool, and for a reasonable price. The tool impresses thanks to its compact size and provides you with maximum performance and perfect handling, both as a corded and cordless model. Thanks to the slim design, you can work easily overhead, even in niches and corners.

Angle grinders for perfect grinding

No limits thanks to battery power

The Einhell angle grinders are available as battery-powered devices from the Power X-Change family or with a corded connection, and offer maximum efficiency. With the cordless Power X-Change system, you also have limitless freedom of movement. Smart 3.0 Ah lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of up to 18 V make this cordless allrounder particularly powerful. Even with longer projects, grinders with rechargeable batteries can withstand the enormous load. Sophisticated technology, durable construction and safe working – with the cordless tool you can perform DIY cutting jobs in no time!

Powerful electric angle grinders

The electric angle grinders from Einhell are powerful and offer maximum performance. And without even having to think about battery charging capacity, you can tackle time-consuming projects with the corded angle grinder – provided there is a power outlet nearby or you have the necessary extension cord to hand. Affordable and effective – the electric angle grinders from Einhell. Although cordless devices can be used more flexibly and without a power cable, the cordless cut-off grinder simply can't achieve the same performance as its corded counterpart.

Electric or cordless angle grinder?

You should always ask yourself which project you want to use a corded tool or the cordless angle grinder for. The electric tools with power connections from Einhell are very powerful and provide you with a lot of power for time-intensive projects. If you want to work in a completely free and mobile way, then the cordless angle grinder is the right choice for you. With the cordless angle grinder you benefit from both maximum flexibility and mobility. Some models of Einhell's cordless angle grinders are also equipped with the brushless motor, which makes the cordless angle grinder many times more powerful than an electric tool with a conventional brush motor. And the price of the cordless angle grinder is also higher than that of a corded version.

The grinders from Einhell offer four handy functions that can make your life easier when working on DIY projects around the home and garden. Here you can find out what special functions the grinders have in store for you. Einhell angle grinder guide

What to look out for when purchasing an angle grinder

Not all grinders are created equal – the models sometimes vary considerably in their features and price. You can find out what you need to take into consideration when buying and which features are particularly important in the tool in the following.

Maximum efficiency

With the angle grinder you can perform grinding, cutting and roughing work on metal, iron and stone in no time. Fast and productive cutting is the electric tool's specialist subject. Some of the electric devices are equipped with the brushless motor, which has more power and a longer service life compared to the brushed motor. With a maximum cutting depth of 77 mm and a disc diameter of 230 mm, the tool easily cuts through even the hardest materials such as stone. The idle speed also plays an important role: The higher the idle speed, the greater the cutting force. The idle speed also provides information about the speed of the grinder. Ultimately, the idle speed should always be at least 8000 rpm.

Advanced technology in detail

The disc in the angle grinder is driven by an angular gear, which allows you to grind, cut and rough around corners beautifully and precisely. The disc can be changed easily without tools thanks to the quick-release nut. To protect the tool from overheating, the electric tool is equipped with overload protection. The robust aluminium gear housing makes the tool particularly durable. The battery and charger as well as the cutting disc and cutting disc guard are available separately at an attractive price or may be included in the delivery, depending on the cordless angle grinder model.

Housing and weight

The finish on the housing and the spindle fabric also tells you a lot about the quality of the electric tool. For maximum durability, the housing needs to be made of a robust material, such as aluminium. A softgrip and an additional handle ensure particularly ergonomic operation and the necessary grip. You should also make sure that the grinder has a low unladed weight. This saves your wrist and forearm, especially during long grinding and cutting work.

Functions and safety

As well as the battery, capacity and housing, you should also pay attention to the functions and safety aspect when it comes to grinders. Always make sure that the electric tool is equipped with a metal or plastic cover. This safely guides abrasion and functions away from you. Maximum comfort is provided by the soft start, as you can adjust to the forces acting on the machine when starting it. The restart protection on the tool blocks restarting after a power interruption and minimises the risk of injury. A dust extraction system that immediately extracts all dirt particles is also an advantage.