From the Forest to the Living Room: How to Properly Cut and Decorate Your Christmas Tree

Many Hollywood Christmas movies feature at least one scene where an American family cuts their dream Christmas tree and then decorates it in the warmth of their home. Armed with an axe or chainsaw, they head into the nearest forest to fell the tree themselves. But can you do the same here in Germany? We'll clarify what's permissible and what might lead to legal issues. Find out which handy tools can assist you in your quest for the perfect Christmas tree and even be of help during the decorating process in our blog post.

Celebrate Christmas like in a Hollywood film once? We'll show you how in our blog post!

The Einhell Christmas Special: Cutting Your Own Christmas Tree

Even the ancient Romans decorated their homes with evergreen plants during the winter solstice. Back then, evergreens were considered symbols of fertility and life. About 500 years ago, the tradition of placing a fir tree in the home during the Christmas holiday began. Since the 19th century, the custom of the Christmas tree, as we know it today, has spread from Germany to the rest of the world.

In the days leading up to Christmas Eve, we visit the nearest hardware store or dedicated Christmas tree vendors to select a pre-cut Christmas tree. The top choice is often a dense and lush green Nordmann fir. These trees are frequently not even sourced from Germany but are imported from Scandinavia. So, how about trying something different this year? This year presents a perfect opportunity to cut down your own Christmas tree.


Before you head to the nearest forest to secure the perfect tree, please be aware that cutting trees in German forests is prohibited and constitutes theft. You could face a fine of up to €50,000 if you cut down a fir tree in a nearby forest.

Cutting Your Own Christmas Tree: A Family Bonding Experience

To truly get into the Christmas spirit, gingerbread, cookies, and Christmas markets are essential. Maybe this year you'll start a new tradition: cutting down the Christmas tree yourself. While hardware stores or 'Christmas Tree Pop-Up Stores' offer a wide selection, those looking for a last-minute Christmas tree often end up with a scraggly pine tree with no needles. Additionally, the earlier you purchase and set up a pre-cut Christmas tree, the sooner it will shed its needles, and you'll need to dispose of it.

Where can I cut a Christmas tree myself?

A freshly cut tree lasts longer, and it's simply more enjoyable than just buying one. In Germany, you can choose and cut your Christmas tree at Christmas tree farms or forest clearings. Christmas tree nurseries also offer direct tree purchases. Many of these plantations are located in wooded areas, giving you the feeling of cutting down the perfect tree right in the forest. It's best to search for such a farm near you on the internet. You can usually drive there easily, often without the need for an appointment, and select and cut a beautiful Christmas tree.

In Germany, you can cut your own Christmas tree at Christmas tree farms or plantations.

What tools can I use?

For a classic Christmas tree, typically ranging from 1 to 2 meters in height with a trunk diameter of about 10 - 15 cm, you can use a standard axe or a hand-held saw. If you want to make it easier for yourself, you can also opt for an Einhell cordless chainsaw. Thanks to their Einhell Power X-Change battery, they are portable and highly powerful. For this task, we recommend the handy Einhell Cordless Pruning Chain Saw GE-PS 18/15 Li BL. With a cutting length of 12.5 cm, it is more than sufficient for a small tree. If you have a larger tree in mind, it's best to use the Einhell Cordless Chain Saw GE-LC 18/25 Li. The larger cutting length of 23 cm is well-suited for the trunk of a Christmas tree.


Please always prioritize safety when using chainsaws and make sure to wear the necessary protective gear, such as chainsaw chaps, safety boots, work gloves, and safety goggles.

How do I keep my Christmas tree fresh?

To ensure your self-cut Christmas tree stays fresh for a long time, be sure to place it in a Christmas tree stand with a water reservoir. But before setting up your tree, trim the base of its trunk and make sure these cut surfaces are submerged in water. Also, ensure that your tree is not placed directly next to a heater or exposed to direct sunlight. In case you want to store your Christmas tree for a while before setting it up, it's best to keep it in a cool and sheltered location.

Decorating the Christmas tree

Traditionally, or at least in the idealized movie family, the Christmas tree is decorated in a cozy family atmosphere on the last Advent weekend before Christmas. There's punch and cookies, and in the background, the Christmas playlist is playing. Decorating begins with tinsel, colorful string lights, and large ornaments. But how do you arrange your Christmas decorations on the tree in a way that makes sense? Should you start with the ornaments and then add the string lights? We'll show you how it's done.

Ultimately, it's, of course, up to you how you decorate your tree. We're just offering a few suggestions on how to efficiently adorn your Christmas tree. The fact remains that a decorated fir tree adds warmth to every living room during the Christmas season and creates a festive atmosphere.


So your entire family doesn't have to miss out on Christmas music, you can create a festive atmosphere with the Einhell Cordless Speaker TC-SR 18 Li BT. Quickly connect it to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or the AUX connection, attach the Power X-Change battery, and you're ready to go.

  1. Installing the string lights: To begin, it's recommended to attach the string lights to your Nordmann fir. It's best to start from the top and work your way down. To minimize cable clutter, you can use a string light with a USB connection and then connect it to the Einhell USB Battery Adapter TC-CP 18 Li. Depending on the battery used and the power consumption of the string lights, your Christmas tree can shine continuously for up to 36 hours or approximately for 7 evenings in a row, with the string lights on for 5 hours each night.

  2. Hanging ornaments: In the next step, you hang your favorite ornaments on the fresh Nordmann fir. It's best to place larger ornaments towards the back of the branch, so it doesn't droop too much. Smaller ornaments can be hung on the outer branches. You can also mix and match, placing the larger ornaments on the lower branches while hanging the smaller ones higher up. There are no limits to variations and color combinations.

  3. Accessories: If you have additional extras such as ornaments, ribbons, bows, berries, or heirlooms, you can now attach them to the branches. Again, you have many options for distributing the Christmas tree decorations. The rule still applies: hang heavier items towards the back of the fir branch, while lighter ones can go on the outer branches.

  4. Attach the tree topper: Finally, you'll need to place the tree topper on the tree. Many people have a Christmas star at home, symbolizing the Star of Bethlehem. However, there are also various other options to adorn the top of the tree.


To ensure your tree ornaments are safely and neatly stored for the next Christmas, consider using the Einhell E-Case. Utilize the foam insert to protect fragile items from breakage. You can also use the provided dividers to keep unbreakable small ornaments organized within the E-Case.

If you have a nativity scene at home, it should certainly not be missing under the tree. Many have an old, handcrafted Christmas nativity scene that deserves to be displayed properly. You can provide indirect lighting for your nativity scene. Here, too, the Einhell USB Battery Adapter can assist you if you want to use an LED light with a USB plug.

These devices assist you in cutting down and decorating your Christmas tree

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Published on 20.12.2023

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