Streak-free brilliance: How to clean your windows with no streaks

You're probably all too familiar with them – those greasy streaks on a nice clean window that you just can't get seem to get rid of. These unsightly marks only become visible when the sun shines on the window. Hours of scrubbing and polishing are exhausting, incredibly time-consuming and usually smear the window even more. We'll show you how to easily clean your window flawlessly. We'll also introduce you to one of our newest members of the Power X-Change family: the Einhell cordless window cleaner BRILLIANTO – your indispensable helper for streak-free windows.

The Einhell Cordless Window Cleaner BRILLIANTO: We'll show you how it works and how to use it to its best potential.

Step-by-step to clean windows

In a ranking of unpopular tasks, window cleaning takes top spot. Only if you don't know how to make things easier. With some steps, cleaning windows is a breeze and even fun. We'll show you what simple but effective tips you can use to clean your windows with no streaks.

How often should windows be cleaned?

Clean window panes make your home look friendly and inviting. Crystal-clear windows bring plenty of sunlight into your home and brighten it up. Depending on the time of year or environment you live in, how often you need to clean may vary. Your windows can become dirty due to the following external influences:

  • Pollen
  • Water stains after bad weather
  • Dust from a busy road
  • Bird droppings or other deposits

Since much of this dirt can contaminate your windows throughout the year, it is advisable to clean the glass approximately every 2 to 3 months. It is best to clean in spring and autumn, as the weather is ideal for this during these seasons.

Cleaning from the inside is also an option in this cycle. Especially if you have pets. They often leave unsightly paw or nose prints on the glass. That's why here too: Window cleaning as needed or once a quarter.

TIP: Choose the right time

As already mentioned, spring or autumn is a good time to clean the windows. At these times of the year, the weather is not too hot, but also not too cold, which would mean the cleaning water could possibly freeze on the glass. Direct sunlight or too high temperatures dry the cleaning agent and water too quickly, which can result in streaks. Therefore, choose a dry but cool day to clean your windows.

Window cleaning with a system

Spray, wipe, squeegee? Unfortunately, that's far from all you need to do. With the right system, however, you will see that everything is half as bad. You can safely clean your windows without streaks in just four simple steps. Basically, you work from the outside in. For the cleaning itself, you often do not need much: a soft, lint-free cloth or rag, a bucket with lukewarm water and a squeegee, chamois leather or a towel. If you see that there is stubborn dirt on the outside of the window, you can add some detergent to your water. Of course, you can also use a commercial glass cleaner to clean your dirty windows.

Step 1: Prepare the window

The best way to start is to clean the window, the window frame and the window sill of coarse dirt such as cobwebs or dust. Use a hand brush for this. If you have the Einhell cordless hand vacuum cleaner TE-HV 18/06 Li at home, you can of course also suck in the dust with it. Use the crevice nozzle included to get to tight, hard-to-reach places like the corners. 

Step 2: Clean the window frames and window sills

Now you can fill a bucket with lukewarm water and a splash of dish soap. Wet a clean rag, such as a microfibre cloth, and use it to thoroughly wipe the entire window frame inside and out. You can also use it to clean the window sill. Remember to wash your cloth in the bucket every now and then, so that you aren't just spreading the dirt around. The window can then simply be dried off.

Step 3: Cleaning the windowpane

Now to the actual task: cleaning the glass. Prepare a new bucket of fresh lukewarm water. In fact, in most cases, clean, warm water is completely sufficient when cleaning windows. The usual dirt such as pollen dust or fingerprints can be easily removed. Other cleaning agents such as glass cleaners, dishwashing detergents or vinegar essence might be useful when it comes to heavy soiling. However, it's worth noted that some cleaners may damage the sealing material on the window. Now simply wipe the dirty window with a clean, wet cloth. Essentially, you're repeating the process from step 2.

Step 4: Drying the windowpane

This is probably the most crucial step on the way to a streak-free window. Traditionally, you can dry the window glass with a clean, dry microfibre cloth or a ordinary towel. After the first drying, if you notice that streaks have formed, you can wipe the glass again with clean water and an unused cloth and then polish again with a clean, dry cloth. However, drying works best with a squeegee that has a clean and firm rubber lip.

With the right technology, no streaks are created. By the way, we at Einhell have just the right device for you for the final step in window cleaning. The Einhell cordless window cleaner BRILLIANTO guarantees a streak-free clean.

INFO: Why are streaks created?

The residues on the glass of the window are caused by dried cleaning agents or by soiled cleaning rags. Even remnants of water that has dried too quickly can cause streaks that cannot be removed straight away.

A clear view thanks to the cordless window cleaner BRILLIANTO

Want streak-free windows every time? Then we have just the thing for you: the Einhell cordless window cleaner BRILLIANTO. It is part of the Power X-Change family, which means that the device can be used with any of your Power X-Change batteries. Together with the included spray bottle, which is equipped with a washable microfibre mop head, you may actually enjoy cleaning windows in the future. From here on out, window cleaning is a simple task following the motto: spray, wipe, vacuum, done ! What's more, the BRILLIANTO is always ready for use thanks to its supplied wall mount.

How does the window cleaner work?

Essentially, our Einhell cordless window cleaner works like any other window cleaner on the market. Its one-piece rubber lip is made of high-quality silicone and is attached to a suction nozzle. Via this nozzle, the liquid is simply sucked in from various smooth surfaces, such as glass, tiles or mirrors, by means of an air flow and conveyed via a pipe into the wastewater tank. The used air is released back into the environment via built-in ventilation slots, and the sucked-in water remains safely in the tank. Due to the uniform suction and the high-quality silicone lip, a streak-free result is created, and you can complete the window cleaning in no time. 

The rubber lip on the suction nozzle uses a consistent suction to pull the water off the window pane.

Where to use the window cleaner?

The Einhell cordless window cleaner can be used anywhere and everywhere. Have a smooth surface that wants to be cleaned? No problem for the BRILLIANTO! Whether on window panes, glass tables, plexiglass panes or tiles in the shower, the window cleaner can be used wherever water can be used to clean. Even the direction you suck in is up to you. Either from top to bottom, from left to right or diagonally – the suction nozzle and the extraction lip are optimally matched so that it does not matter whether you are sucking up the water on horizontal or vertical surfaces. Simply switch on the device, place it on a wet surface and vacuum off.

By the way,

thanks to our proven Power X-Change rechargeable battery system, you can vacuum your windows for up to 640 minutes (with an 8.0 Ah battery) with the Einhell battery-powered window cleaner BRILLIANTO. Even with our smallest 18-volt battery with 2.0 Ah capacity, 160 minutes are possible – that's almost 3 hours. The only question is, who wants to clean windows for 10 hours?! Regardless, the battery life of our window cleaner is considerably longer than that of all other battery-powered window vacuums, which usually only run for about 35 minutes.

The different attachments

With our Einhell BRILLIANTO, you're perfectly kitted out for regular window cleaning. The basic equipment consists of the device itself, a 28 cm long suction nozzle, a 300 ml spray bottle with a washable microfibre pad and a 100 ml wastewater tank, which is completely removable and which you can even rinse out.  With the included suction nozzle, you can easily clean standard-sized windows. For narrow or extra wide window panes, we have another nozzle set in our range, which is available separately. This includes a 16.5 cm narrow suction nozzle and a long nozzle with a width of 35 cm. The extra-long nozzle is unique on the market and can be supplied with a lot of power thanks to our powerful 18-volt system and therefore does not lose suction power. This means you are optimally equipped for any type of window, such as car windows or large window fronts.

Even tall windows are no problem with our telescopic pole set. To get to higher window panes, you can insert the telescopic rod into the holder for the Power X-Change battery with a simple click system. You then click the 18-volt battery into the rod. In addition, another telescopic rod is included in the set, which is equipped with a microfibre pad.

Finally have a clear view again

As you can see, window cleaning doesn't have to be an annoying task. With the right tools, such as the Einhell cordless window cleaner BRILLIANTO, this household task can even be fun. In the future, you will have windows with streak-free shine in your home that will make your neighbours and guests jealous.

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Written by Lisa Hegewald
Published on 20.09.2023

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