All set to get to work: Useful accessories for your home workshop

Whether for Christmas, birthday or other festivities – the gift voucher is still at the top of the list of the most popular and most purchased gifts in many places. As a passionate DIYer, you were also lucky enough to get your hands on a gift voucher for the DIY store lately, but don't know what to invest in? If you don't have a specific tool on your wish list right now, then it's worth taking a closer look at Einhell's workshop accessories, because you'll certainly find something there!

You can deck out your workshop with a compact cordless lamp, a wireless construction spotlight or a construction site radio, for example. Run out of room and need space to store your tools? Then maybe our practical system cases or a tool trolley are the right thing for you.

Get your home workshop properly fitted – We'll show you what equipment you need in your workshop!

What are the must-haves for every DIY enthusiast?

Whether you're a DIYer or not, some smaller tools are the basic equipment for everyone moving into their own four walls. A hammer, screwdriver, pliers, spanner and hexagon key in different sizes and types – ideally tidied away in a tool box – are essentials for every home. In everyday life and for the construction of furniture, a cordless screwdriver, an impact drill or, alternatively, a cordless drill/driver or a cordless impact drill/driver are also very useful. Anyone who has ever had to adapt a piece of furniture knows the value of a jigsaw.

A home workshop is the dream of many enthusiastic DIYers. But in order for the work to be really fun, you need the right furnishings and fittings. In addition to large, stationary machines, a robust workbench, a large tool cabinet and a mobile workshop trolley are standard workshop equipment. Year after year, the workshop grows in the basement or garage – but in addition to other machines and equipment, you should also take a look at proper accessories!

Certain devices are must-haves for every DIY enthusiast – but the workshop equipment should not be forgotten!

Fun working with the right sound

When doing DIY and crafts, you repair or do things with your own hands. This is of course practical and useful, but first and foremost you should have fun while working. And what could make this easier than the right music on your ears? A sturdy radio or a Bluetooth speaker should definitely find space in your workshop.

Bluetooth speaker

Do you have the perfect playlist for DIY on your smartphone, but no speakers in your workshop? This problem can be solved quickly, easily and in a space-saving manner with an Einhell Bluetooth speaker. The lightweight and portable speaker with two speakers ensures decent sound with up to 85 dB volume. If your phone or tablet is dead, you can connect it to the speaker to charge it up using the USB port and use the device as a power bank at the same time. So, you practically have a 2-in-1 device!

Compact and easy to carry: The Einhell Bluetooth speaker can be used in even the smallest workshop.

Cordless radio

If you don't have your phone at hand, but still want to listen to music, a cordless radio from Einhell can help. You can find your favourite stations using the automatic station search and save 10 FM and AM stations. You can also connect your smartphone to the radio via Bluetooth and store it securely in the smartphone storage on the back. Using the wall bracket, this construction site radio will find a place in every workshop.

The Einhell cordless radio ensures the best sound, and is a faithful companion both on the road and on the construction site.

With optimal visibility for the perfect result

Compact cordless lamps

Held in your hand or conveniently positioned, Einhell's compact cordless lamps provide light exactly where you need it. Depending on the model, our LED lamps achieve a luminosity of up to 2,500 lumens with neutral colour temperatures between 5,000 and 7,000 Kelvin. The cordless lamp TE-CL 18/2500 LiAC is a real all-rounder and provides daylight-like lighting conditions both indoors and on camping trips or during night-time tyre breakdowns, as it shines light up to 640 metres. The brightness can be adjusted in different levels depending on the model.

Whether day or night, indoors or outdoors – with the compact cordless lamps from Einhell you have the best view wherever you are.

Powerful construction spotlights

To illuminate entire rooms, for example if you are busy with drywall construction and don't yet have a power supply, a cordless construction spotlight is the device for you. Thanks to the wide spreading angle, the LED construction spotlights are ideal for illuminating entire working areas. Depending on the model, the LED floodlights can also be easily hung up with the hook supplied, making them the perfect workshop equipment if it gets too dark when working late around the home.

Einhell LED construction spotlights are available in different sizes and with different light intensities.

Order is half the battle – even in the workshop

E-Cases case system

Don't remember where you put all your tools because your shelves and tool cabinet are full to the brim? The E-Cases case system from Einhell offers you a space-saving solution for secure and orderly storage. The robust, impact-resistant cases ensure that your portable devices can be stored neatly away, protected from scratches and transported easily. Depending on what you use the E-Case for, you can buy it equipped with flexible adjustable grid foam to protect sensitive devices, or with plastic compartments for the orderly storage of accessories. Thanks to the locking system, you can also stack the suitcases in a space-saving way and simply take them to the next construction site using the carrying handles on the top or the side handles.

Incidentally, our e-cases impress with their particular robustness: If you want to carry the case by the side handle, you can load it up to a weight of 25 kg. If you stack two or more cases, use the carrying handle attached to the lid of the top case. The upper handle can hold up to 90 kg. In addition, thanks to their robust construction, the cases can even be loaded with up to 300 kg from above – meaning the e-cases remain stable even when a person is standing on the top case. If you stack the cases in your workshop, you should also know that the lowest e-case can be loaded with a maximum of 1,000 kg – so you can stack a lot of tools and accessories! Whether you want your equipment and accessories, such as screws, drills and the like, kept tidy in your workshop, or whether you want to be ready to head off quickly with your tools in your luggage – our e-cases can do both.

Robust workshop trolley

If your workshop is already optimally equipped, but you still lack storage space, you could still be missing a workshop trolley. At Einhell, you will find rollable workshop trolleys that can withstand loads of up to 150 kg, depending on the model. Both larger and small parts can be accommodated in it and are quickly at hand at any time. Extendable, sturdy drawers offer enough space for various tools and anti-slip inserts ensure that even more sensitive cordless and electrical appliances are safely stored. With four wheels, two of which can be steered, and a parking brake, you are also mobile with the workshop trolley and can roll the trolley wherever you want to work. The interlock system also prevents the trolley from tilting by allowing you to open only one drawer at a time. Depending on the model, you can also lock the drawers.

A workshop trolley combines storage space and flexibility in one – perfect for any home workshop.

Gradually optimise your workshop equipment

Real DIYers know that their own workshop will probably never be finished. And that's a good thing! Your workshop grows with you, your demands and challenges. Where the wired device used to be, today we have long since switched to the cordless battery version. Where you worked with the hand saw a few years ago, you have long since bought a mitre saw, a jigsaw and even a scroll saw for detailed work. And with every new tool, new accessories are added. Then: So that you don't have to work through the chaos of your workshop, arrange it with the right case system or workshop trolley. And if you are already looking at accessories, then convert your next gift voucher into the optimal lighting and audio equipment.

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Written by Marina Liefke
Published on 15.12.2022

Marina Liefke is an Online Editor at Einhell, where she deals with virtually all texts related to tools, garden equipment, and accessories. She acquires the necessary know-how through practical product training and close collaboration with the Einhell product managers. Her favorite tool is the PRESSITO cordless compressor because when the air is running out, it pumps it right back in.