Your Camping Checklist: Camping Equipment for a Comfortable Outdoor Experience

Camping is a wonderful way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and fully enjoy nature. Whether you are an experienced camper or a newcomer, the right equipment can make the difference between an unforgettable adventure and a frustrating experience. While basic items such as a tent, sleeping bag, and cooking utensils are essential, there are now various modern battery-powered devices that can significantly enhance comfort and convenience while camping. At Einhell, you will find many portable, battery-powered Power X-Change devices that you can use in various ways around your camper and campsite. From cordless lamps and compressors to mobile chargers and portable coffee machines – Einhell offers a wide range of products to ensure that you don't have to forgo modern comforts even when you're far from civilization.
In this blog post, we present our camping must-haves and show you how to use them best.

Whether with a motorhome or a tent: We show you our Einhell camping must-haves.

The holidays calls: Packing list for your camping adventure

Recently, holidays at campsites have become increasingly popular. Over 42 million overnight stays were recorded at German campsites in 2023. Whether in a tent, your own camper, or a van: the affordable and cosy alternative to a hotel has its own charm, which more and more people appreciate. The only question is: What camping equipment do I need to be well-equipped for my camping trip?
For a comfortable camping holiday in a tent, we recommend packing the following items:

  • Tent & pegs
  • Sleeping bag & pillow
  • Sleeping pad or inflatable mattress
  • Camping chairs & camping table
  • Camping stove & camping dishes (sustainable, made from paper or wood)
  • Cleaning & washing supplies
  • Rubbish bags
  • Lighter or matches
  • Sun & insect protection
  • Toiletry bag with everything you need for hygiene
Good equipment is half the battle for a successful camping holiday.

On a camping holiday with a motorhome, a few things can be left out since you enjoy the comfort of your small, mobile home. Nevertheless, you should take the following:

  • Bedding & pillows: For a restful night in the motorhome bed.
  • Power cable or extension reel: To supply your motorhome with electricity at campsites.
  • Gas cylinders (recommended: at least 2x 11 litres): For power on the go.
  • Fresh water & waste water hoses: For water supply and disposal.
  • Cooking and dining utensils: Since most motorhomes are equipped with a kitchen, you can cook here just like at home.
  • Extension cord & power strip: To conveniently charge all your electronic devices.
  • Camping table & chairs: Even though you have a motorhome, you'll likely want to sit outside and enjoy nature.

If you rent a caravan, basic equipment – such as dishes, pots, and cutlery – should already be provided. It's best to check with the rental company. Besides the “hardware”, please keep in mind the “software”. This includes spices, hygiene items, clothing for every occasion, underwear, toilet paper, kitchen rolls, towels, bottle and can openers, dish soap, and anything else you might need for a relaxing holiday. Furthermore, ensure you always carry important papers and documents with you. These include ID card, driving licence, insurance card, international health insurance, credit card, toll sticker, and if you're travelling with your pet, also the pet passport.

Some don't want to miss the comfort of home and go on vacation with a camper.

Although you can enjoy the luxury of running water and electricity at a campsite, it is still beneficial to have battery- or rechargeable-powered devices on hand. Much of your vacation in the great outdoors will take place away from an outlet. Therefore, we have compiled a few useful cordless Einhell Power X-Change devices that should not be missing from your camping gear.

Useful Einhell devices as camping accessories

You've now checked off and packed your basic equipment. We provide some luxury and more comfort with our practical battery-powered devices. From a cordless battery-powered coffee machine to a flashlight or a battery-powered fan, we have many useful tools in our range, all of which can be operated with just one battery: the Einhell Power X-Change battery.


For outdoor activities, it is best to use the Einhell SEALED battery. It is waterproof and dustproof according to protection class IP57. This makes it optimally suited for outdoor work—even if it lies in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

Tools for your caravan and campsite

So that you are well-prepared for your camping holiday, you can easily store your luggage in the robust Einhell Bag 45/29. The practical bag has extra storage space and even separate compartments for your Power X-Change batteries, which you will need for all your cordless helpers during your camping holiday.

When you are traveling with a camper, alcove motorhome, or another mobile home, it is always beneficial to have a mobile jump starter for the vehicle with you. The Einhell Jump-Start - Power Bank CE-JS 18/1 is best suited for this. In an emergency, it allows you to jump-start not only your motorhome but also charge other small devices such as your laptop, smartphone, or camera. You can find more information in our blog post about jump starters.

If you ever run out of air in your tires, we have the Einhell Hybrid Compressor PRESSITO 18/25 for you. The compact compressor pumps air into your tires, air mattress, or inflatable boat either with an Einhell Power X-Change battery or via the power cable.

A reliable generator is indispensable when camping, especially if several devices need to be operated. Our Einhell petrol generators provide a stable and constant power supply, so you are never without energy even in remote areas away from a campsite. With quiet operation and high efficiency, our generators are an excellent addition to any camping gear.

During your camping holiday, some items will inevitably get dirty. For quick clean-ups, the practical Einhell cordless pressure washer HYPRESSO 18/24 Li is ideal, whether for your outdoor furniture or your bicycle. Simply immerse the water hose in a bucket or even in the lake, and the medium-pressure washer will clean the desired item with up to 24 bar of pressure.

Practical devices for kitchen & leisure

Waking up to the first rays of sunlight and gentle bird songs – wonderful! Add a fresh, hot coffee and you start the day relaxed. Our Einhell cordless coffee maker TE-CF 18 Li makes it possible. Whether filter coffee or standard coffee pods: with the right insert, you decide which coffee you want to enjoy – all without a cord. Simply insert an Einhell Power X-Change battery and you can enjoy your hot beverage.

What would a camping trip be without a BBQ or campfire? With our Einhell cordless blower GE-UB 18/250 Li E and its precision blow tube, you can easily speed up lighting your grill. This way, you can enjoy delicious grilled vegetables or steak more quickly.

To relax in the sun at the beach or in your own campsite garden, we have the handy Einhell cordless fan GE-CF 18/2200 Li for you. You can adjust the airflow in 3 levels, depending on how strong you want the cool breeze to blow around your nose. With its numerous mounting options and rubberized stand, it can be hung up or simply placed on a table.

Besides the gentle breeze, you can also enjoy your favorite music while relaxing. With our Einhell cordless speaker TC-SR 18 Li BT, you can connect your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or AUX input and listen to your own playlist. With the Einhell cordless radio TC-RA 18 Li BT, you can receive AM and FM signals and even store up to 10 radio stations.

For the right evening atmosphere, the Einhell USB battery adapter TC-CP 18 Li USB is perfect. Small 5-volt devices can be connected via the two USB ports. This includes a USB-cable light chain, which you can then attach under your awning or sun umbrella for a cozy lighting setup.

After Camping

If you have rented a camper or van for your vacation, you should thoroughly clean the vehicle before returning it. The rule here is: Leave the motorhome as you found it. Our Einhell cordless vacuum cleaner TE-HV 18/06 Li can help you with cleaning. Thanks to its cordless freedom with the Einhell Power X-Change technology, it can be used almost anywhere. Additionally, it can be converted into a stick vacuum cleaner to clean carpets and floors. It reliably vacuums even hard-to-reach places with its various included nozzles.

The windows of the vehicle can be easily cleaned with the Einhell cordless window cleaner BRILLIANTO. Even narrower windows can be cleaned streak-free with the small, 165 mm wide nozzle, which is available separately. How to clean your windows properly is shown in another blog post. You can clean the rest of the camper as usual with a cloth and bucket.

You see, with the Einhell Power X-Change devices, you can make your camping holiday even more relaxing. And the best part about our cordless tools: every battery is compatible with every matching device, making them highly versatile.

Our recommendations for your camping holiday:

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